Benefits of Owning an Apple Mac Mini

Buying an Apple Mac Mini can save you money and make you happy!

There are many benefits to buying an Apple Mac Mini rather than a Windows based PC.  Here is our list of some of the benefits:  A Mac Mini is small and portable. You can take it with you on a vacation and easily hook it up to any computer display and be ready to work. Several years ago, I went to visit friends and I just put my Apple Mac Mini it its original box and then into my suitcase, and I was able to use it with the super Mac OS X operating system while at my friends’ home instead of struggling with their Windows computer.

An Apple Mac Mini will work with almost any display, keyboard, mouse, printer, hard drive, or any other computer equipment you already own. This is great if you have a PC and are making the switch to a Mac – all you need is the money for the Mini and you’ll be all set to go.

The latest Core 2 Duo Mac Mini models are powerful enough to handle most computing tasks. You can upgrade the memory to 4 GB to get the full processing power needed to run even the most demanding software. And, if you use an external Firewire drive as a boot drive, your Mini will be much faster than that current old PC you’re using.
An Apple Mac Mini is an aesthetic addition to any room. It’s so small and delicate looking that you can even have it in your living room and people will admire it. Whenever people see my Mini for the first time, they ooh and aah over it and then ask where I’ve hidden the rest of the computer. The latest models come in a beautiful white and silver casing that can easily complement any room’s decor.
An Apple Mac Mini is a low-cost computer with high-powered features. It comes bundled with Mac OS X Mountain Lion, iLife, firewall protection built into the operating system, and plenty of other software features that usually have to be purchased separately with a PC.